1.Air India,49% stake sales,announced,by the NDA.
2.India’s US Treasury Holdings,rise by about $ 77 Billion from March 2014,to 145 Billion, as on 1/10 /17.
3.Brent $ 69.37/bbl
4.India’s Inflation rises.Gold,Silver rise.
5.US Dollar Index,falls to 90.70

Shri Modi Keeps In Touch With The Countrymen

S@t@nic Sign.OMG.
This is the LINK.


1.$ 250 Billion,Deal between US & China, rattles other Nations.
2.Moodys upgrades India.Sensex soars.

12/8/2017 Indices fall…..

1.SEBI’s ban on shell Cos spooks the Markets.

2.SBI,BOB and OMC post,poor Q1,results.

3.PNB,and BOB  may be good buys after consolidation of Public Sector Banks, to take place shortly.Better ti buy in November or in small lots from CMP and further dips.

4.Gold and Silver rise due to geo-politics.

5.5 to 10%  correction expected in the Indices.

6.BitCoin about $ 3500  !!!

GST Regime In Force from 1st July,2017

GST Regime came into force,on te 1st of july,2017.

Sensex around 32000,as on 17/7/17.Correction expected.

Gold recovered a bit after falling.Silver had a massive fall and is yet to recover.Physical Silver,a good buy,now.

BitCoin (about $ 1825)and Ethereum (about $ 125),crash,after rising like anything.


Gold Rs 28705/10 grams

Silver Rs 38088/Kg

BitCoin $ 1951

NDA in power from 26th May 2014.

GST is expected to be in force from 1st july 2017.

Petroleum Fuels,Alcohol,not included.Education and healthcare no tax.Gold,no decision,yet.

Others in varying degrees.

FMCG,Cement,logistics shares along with of course,the OMCs fancied.


Sensex  28832

Gold Rs 29020/10 Grams

Silver rs 52523/Kg

NG Rs 181.70/mm Btu

Brent Rs 3556/bbl

Rupee 66.81 V $

USD Index 101.40

BDI $ 939,above 200 DMA of 825.73 and 50 DMA of 854.06

BitCoin obtains parity with gold $ 1259

Markets are in slippery grounds.Gold and Silver look good.Own Physical Gold,buy on SIP basis.