Trouble in Telengana,Kashmir and Manipur.
Silver touches all-time high of Rs. 33,300 a kg
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2 more US banks fail.Total 127 for 2010.
fii Rs Crores D/M/Y:+1137;+19786;+39281;   DII: +1054  ;+9658; +8290  The DII monthly and yearly figures are CORRECTED ones.
bdi  2451;+7;+0.29%      BELOW 200 DMA  of 2919
gold 1294 $/Oz
silver 689 $/Kg
Dr COPPER  3.5568  $/Lb    Correction.So far the unit was wrongly being  mentioned as $/Kg
us dollar index 79.48
Re v Dollar 44.93
crude  76.23 $/bbl
Reuters CRB Index   284.14(+0.51)
Nifty Futures discount/premium:- September 2010,12.30 points Premium, 27/9/2010;P/C 0.62;  24/9/2010
PMI     55.5 for July,2010:dipped from 56.2;rate of growth slow;above 50 good for the economy.;India 57.25 from 57.6
Sensex   +72;       20117
VIX(Fear Index) :-
india 22.36;+0.65;+3.00%
usa 22.52;+0.83;+3.82%