Trouble in Telengana,Kashmir and Manipur.

Prices of metallurgical coke, a vital raw material in steel making, may rise up to Rs 5,000 a ton by December on increasing demand,as per reports.Guj BRE Coke may benefit.

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FII:Rs Crores D/M/Y:+810;+8182;+51290;   DII: -575 ;-6019 ; -17571

bdi  2695;-1 ;-0.04%     BELOW 200 DMA  of 2878

gold 1354 $/Oz

silver 749 $/Kg

Dr COPPER  3.7995  $/Lb

us dollar index 77.48

Re v Dollar 44.40

crude  82.21 $/bbl

Reuters CRB Index   296.37

Nifty Futures discount/premium:- September 2010,18.95 points premium 11/10/2010 ;P/C 0.41; 8/10/2010

PMI     55.5 for July,2010:dipped from 56.2;rate of growth slow;above 50 good for the economy.;India 57.25 from 57.6

Sensex   :+90      20340

VIX(Fear Index) :-              india 21.20;-0.20;-1.0%

usa 18.96;-1.75;-8.45%