Wish You A Very Happy DEEPAVALI!
RBI raises repo rates by 0.25%,keeps CRR the same and DEREGULATES Saving Bank Interest with some caveats.Promises NO HIKES this Fiscal.[A hint to the Stock Market?]

Sensex  +316;17255

Institutional Investors,D/M/Y,Rs Crores:-
FII  :   +445;-899;-20433
Indian :  -879;-977;+23364
Others:   +32;+312;-4051
$BDI:- 2161;+8;+0.37%;Shipping In SERIOUS trouble,so also the Stock Markets,as BDI is too LOW.Above 200 DMA of 1479.
VIX[Fear Index]:   India  22.31 -2.91;-11.54%
USA    30.32;+2.96;+10.12%; 200 DMA 23.44
Nifty[Month’s] 55.40,Premium  25/10/2011.
P/C            0.65 on 24/10/2011
The HSBC Markit Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), based on a survey of around 500 companies,fell to
50.4 for September, from 52.6 in August,2011.Above 50 indicates expansion while anything below it
implies contraction.
Gold   1704 $/Oz.
Silver 1070  $/Kg
Copper 3.4136 $/Lb
Dollar Index  76.23[Manipulation,Eurozone trouble created by the Globalists.QE for $400 Billion and
still the $ strong!]
Rupee V Dollar  49.50 [The RBI seems to be PRINTING NOTES.Stimulus started by the RBI for Exports]
Reuters CRB Index US $  319.980  at 0302 Hrs IST
Crude 92.44 $/bbl.  0305 Hrs IST