1.Pranab Mukherjea becomes President Of india.To be sworn in on 25/7/2012,at 11=30am.

2.Markets may be volatile.

3.SP,JD(S) and the Left write to M M Singh,not to usher in FDI in retail.

4,Floods in Andhra Pardesh.2 swept away on the night of 21/7/2012.

5.Investors are selling the shares of Cos of the Ambani Brothers.


1.Fukushima:- dangerous radiation and conditions hidden from the World at large,by the vested interests.

2.US and Eurozone economically weak.

3.LIBOR and other scandals on banks erode confidence in the Global Financial system.

The rich evade tax to the tune of $13 TRILLION!

4.Top Economist resigns from the IMF, saying he is ashamed of the Globalist International banker.

5.Russia and China veto,proposed UN sanctions on Syria.

6,Brent Crude is rising and is suspected to be manipulated by Speculators.