Sensex       +0;    17600
vix[fear index]:-
India  –       16.37;+0.16;+0.99%
Institutional Buying:-
i)Foreign Rs Crores      +1114
ii)Indian    ” ”                 -795
BDI   $           812;Below 200 DMA of 1175;Shipping,GLOBAL ECONOMY and Markets in trouble.
2015:-Bond Redemption of the Nations having the HIGHEST Debts,led by Japan.HUGE QEs expected.Currencies will crunble.Commodities will dominate.Land too. 
Gold       1630 $/US Oz  [Higher margin requirements for gold trades that were announced Friday (4/5/2012)by the CME Group]
Silver     903 $/kg
Copper   3.4240 $/lb
Reuters CRB Index US $  304.32
Brent Crude    112.12  $/bbl        
Crude Oil (Indian Basket)7/8/2012
–     In US Dollar ($/bbl) 108.18
–     In Indian Rupees (`/bbl) 6003.19
–     last fortnight      ”   ”          5697.12[July 16th to 31th]
Exchange Rate  (`/$) 55.50
US Dollar Index  82.27
Re V Dollar          56.09 [Manipulation for FDI in multi Brand retail,CAD,Diesel and other fuels’ price decontrol and hike for the benefit of the MNCs and Private players]
The HSBC manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) , compiled by Markit, fell  to 52.9 in July, from 55 in June, 2012. In January, the PMI reading was 57.5.
Above 50 indicates growth.
Nifty Futures [Monthly]  19.80, Premium,8/8/2012
Nifty P/C  1.66