The following are expected meetings,which may cause a change in the Stock,Currency and Commodity, Markets and Global Finance:-

1.ECB 6/9/2012

2.German court decision which is on the 12th of September,2012. This is to decide if they are going to approve the ESM (European Stability Mechanism), which replaces the EFSF.”
3.Friday’s [31/8/2012]important Federal Reserve annual symposium in the US

4.The Fed disappoint at the September 12-13,2012, FOMC meeting

QE3,by the US federal reserve,will CAUSE:-

1.The Stocks,Inflation and Commodities to rise.

2.EROSION of the wealth of the Individuals.

3.US Dollar may fall.

Buying [PHYSICAL},Gold and Silver in small lots will be good,to preserve one’s wealth.It is reported,that:-

1.Soros has sold US Financial Stocks and invested in Gold,to the tune of $ 130 Million.

2.Jacob Rothschild’s  bet against the Euro,$ 200 Million.

3. Bernanke has hinted,about the possibility of QE3.

Will be updated….