The US Dollar Falls.INR and Crude up.BUT Gold,Silver and Copper down in US Dollar terms.CLEAR CASE OF MANIPULATION.For Basel III?

Sensex      ;               +111;          19476
vix[fear index]:-
India  –                                   14.47 ;+0.03;+ 0.21 %
Institutional Buying:-
i)Foreign Rs Crores      –         +1245
ii)Indian    ” ”                  –         -369
BDI   $                                             720;-23; -3.18%
Sharp fall below  200 DMA of 935,.It is worth noting that Coal Stocks are piling up in China as some Steel Mills have been closed..
BDI unable to breach the PREVIOUS TOP………..
GLOBAL ECONOMY  in trouble.Fiscal Deficits and Debts  of many nations,ARE VERY HIGH.
2015:-Bond Redemption of the Nations having the HIGHEST Debts,led by Japan.HUGE QEs expected.Currencies will crumble.Commodities will dominate.Land too.
Gold       1668 $/US Oz  [ CME reduces margins in Gold($ 1700 per contract),Silver about $4300 per contract,Silver and  Copper($500),on 16/11/2012.
Shorting Gold and Silver are,reportedly,aided by the various Agencies,and turn a blind eye or look the other way. ]
Silver      1000 $/kg
Copper   3.5769 $/lb
CCI or Reuters CRB Index US $ 295.59
Brent Crude    110.14  $/bbl
Crude Oil (Indian Basket  18/12/2012
–     In US Dollar ($/bbl) 107.18
–    In Indian Rupees (`/bbl)    5878.82
–     last fortnight      ”   ”         5815.85[December 1 st to 15th,2012]
Exchange Rate  (`/$) 54.85
US Dollar Index 79.66 [Massive QE .Interest rate kept “NEAR ZERO” by the US Federal Reserve,on 12/12/2012]
US Dollar Index 79.33
Re V Dollar          54.67 [FII inflow more than rs 1000 Crores for the day]
HSBC Markit Purchasing Manger’s Index,rose, rapidly to 53.7 in November against 52.9,in October,,2012
Above 50 indicates growth.Applies only for production,but NOT Utilities.
Nifty Futures [Monthly]     12 points , PREMIUM,19/12/2012
P/C  NIFTY-       1.33