HCC acquires 66% stake in Karl Steiner AG.Read here.

RIL wins case against RNRL.SC asks Ambani brothers to renegotiate.READ HERE.

NSE involved in litigation.READ HERE.

As per reports on 7th May 2010,AIG has sacked Goldman Sachs.

Gerald Celente,says,the US Stock markets will crash in December,2010 or the beginning of 2011.

RBI to set up more offices in the North East.Read here


IRDA to allow insurers to invest in Derivatives,index futures and CDS.


Nations like Japan[highest Debt],USA.UK etc aare having HUGE Debts.Their Treasury Bonds are due for REDEMPTION,[ maturity] in 2015.These nations will have PRINT NOTES[that is,massive QEs].Hence CURRENCIES,the World over will crash and Commodities will rule the roost.Land too.

Due to massive stimuli India Inc have huge cash in their hands.A few Cos have FCCB and CDR problems.But tax-payers’ money has been used for the stimuli.That is wealth has been transferred from the Citizens of India to the hands of a few Oligarchs,Indian and Foreign. Printing of notes has been resorted to ,for the stimuli.hence the wealth of Indians has been reduced by A MASSIVE 66%,compared to that in 2008!

This is how wealth is eroded.Repeated stimuli…..High Fiscal deficit…High Inflation…..

As on 29/12/2012:-

1.Oil India Ltd, Divestment on 15th January 2013.

Oil And gas stocks are rising due to the announcement f hikes in the prices of petroleum fuels.

2.Infrastructure stocks are hot,as huge spending is announced in this Space.But there is a chance that India may be BANKRUPTED by this,as the Fiscal deficit,CAD and BOP are bad now.

3.Banking and Finance Stocks are hot due to the banking Bill Amendment.New banks may come up.

To be continued….