Fractional reserve banking gives a lot of advantages to Bankers,in every field,as a Banker’s money has “more value”,than the “same amount”,possessed by an ordinary individual or a Corporate House.Bad as it is,this is more pronounced in the Stock,Currency and Commodities markets.This ,means,banks cannot,from a MORAL and even a LEGAL,point of view,take part in investing,trading or speculating in the three markets,as it will be UNFAIR and DISCRIMINATORY.Hence PRIVATE BANKING should NOT be allowed.

In India, commercial banks should maintain a capital adequacy ratio of 9%. That is, for every Rs 100 that they lend out of deposits, banks must have Rs 9 of capital.That is,in the hands of an Indian Banker,a Rupee has 11 times the value,of that  in the hands of an ordinary person or a Company. This is HIGHLY UNFAIR.

In fact,Fractional Reserve Banking is a Ponzi Scheme.

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