1.Gold and Silver prices are manipulated,as also almost all Commodities,like Crude Oil etc.Read here.

2.To push the US GMO giants like the ever dangerous Monsanto, in India the prices of vegetables are kept high,though there was, RECORD production,so far this year.Costly sugar is allowed to be exported for the same reason.

3.The Globalists are against Citizens owning physical Gold.They incessantly,speak against Gold and call it useless.If it is use;less,why the  Central banks are holding Gold?because it is the REAL MONEY,and not the Currencies without backing of tangibles:-THE FIAT MONEY!

RBI,which is losing credibility by the day,is planning Gold Bank.the idea seems Confiscagtion in Future,by “Crisis Capitalism”,as was done by M M Singh and the IMF in the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s.