After the victory of the NDA many ‘reforms” [anti-India polices] are being ushered in,for the sake of the MNCs and Indian Oligarchs,aat a stunning pace.

Individual Indians may make money in Stocks,but these may be confiscated via QE,ZIRP,NIRP etc if the RBI’s “inflation targeting” for its Monetary Policy review[rate changes],is any indication,as this means copying the developed economies’ Central Banks…

To preserve one’s wealth a mall portion of the portfolio should contain PHYSICAL Gold and Silver.

If one can afford,”Land” should also be included.

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Gold And Silver Attractive

Gold and Silver seem attractive.

One can buy these [PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER] using 10% of one’s extra cash,AFTER the proposed QE by ECB and continue to buy on every 10% fall,in prices.

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Change Of Guard At The Centre!

Indian Stocks are,shooting up.

NDA,has captured Power at the Centre,after the Lok Sabha Elections,this Month.

The Indian Stocks are expected to remain Bullish,for a long time.

NDA seems pro-Oligarchs.

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The latest craze in the World of Currencies is the BitCoin.

1.NSA is the creator

2.Satoshi Nakamoto of NSA?

SATOSHI NAKAMOTO IS A name pointing to the follwoing four Corporations:-





The Capital letters form SATOSHI NAKAMOTO,as per THIS link.

3.The meaning of SATOSHI NAKAMOTO,as per THIS link.


4.A Rothschild is reported to have said:-

“Allow me to print the Currency and I do not care who makes the Laws[of Nations]”

NSA AND HENCE THE USA, will continue to control the Currencies with BitCoin when the US Dollars ,expected goes bust.


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Debt,Bonds,Inflation,Fractional Reserve Banking…..


Indian Stocks The Week Ahead;29/9/2013

Indian Stocks will be volatile with a negative Bias.

BIS predicts Lehmann II

GAAR will be effective from 2016.

Peer-To-Peer Economy…….

Activists bypass the “system’ to create peer-to-peer economy!