The RBI bought 25.2 MT Gold in October 2010.Total 625.2 MT out of which 312 MT is with BIS [200 MT ] & the rest 112 MT is with BoE.

Sometime back the RBI recommended “Diesel price Decontrol” for reducing the Trade Deficit.In the Rs 25 Lakh Crores loss the Indian exporters,by Derivatives the RBI came to an understanding with the concerned banks.This comes soon after its  recommendation of 100% FDI in retail, due to HIGH Inflation and weak Rupee,which on retrospect seem to be a deliberate act on the part of the RBI and the UPA to implement pro-US-MNC policies.This shows that it is pro-UPA , pro-USA and pro-Globalist.It is no wonder that the RBI Governor Subba Rao has been attending  many Globalist meeting,the one in Mexico due on 25th February,to discuss how to tackle the Eurozone Debt Crisis,is one such.The credibility of the RBI is lost,due to these anti-India stance.

1. RBI does not oppose lending to King Fisher Airlines.

2.India’s Derivatives LOSS Rs 25 Lakh Crores in 2007/8.RBI website provided wrong clue to the Indian Exporters.

3.RBI’s proposal for Gold Bank is wrong.

In the present scenario,India has to REDUCE CRUDE IMPORT,s the OMCs are claiming “HUGE LOSSES”!But this is not done,for the PRIMACY OF THE US DOLLAR.The Gold Bank proposal, is also for this,as the demand for Gold rises,the US Dollar falls.

This may be for the confiscation of the Citizens’ wealth .As per THIS link,one should buy Physical precious metals and STORE THEM OUTSIDE the Banking System or any area which has, Government Access.

4.RBI claimed,as per reports  on 22/3/2013,in the Media that there IS NO money-laundering in/by, Indian Private banks.This was with reference to the Cobrapost sting in which:-

i) Many employees of the Banks concerned admitted that they had resorted to money-laundering,many times before

ii)The amounts were very huge.

With the employees themselves admitting fraud,RNI’s claim sets a very dangerous preecedent yet again.THE BANKERS ARE ABOVE LAW!

To be continued……