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1.US economy is in a bad shape.Read THIS also.

The Next Four Months Will Be Very Painful For Stockholders

2.Israel may attack Iran’s Nuke locations.The USA reportedly,against the idea.Read THIS also.

3.Earth quakes in New Zealand and Northern Peru.

4.A volcano has erupted in Indonesia for the first time since 1600.

5.Pakistan has problems due to the recent floods.

6.Greek austerity may usher in Civil War.Read HERE


1.China supplies 4 ambulances and 103 vehicles to Nepal while  India’s figures to the same nation  20 ambulances and 4 school buses.Read here.

2.Earthquake in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

3.China says PoK is Northern Pakistan.Read Here

4.Coal India IPO in October.Till that time,the UPA will keep the indices high.

5.Problems continue in Telengana,Manipur and Kashmir.

6.Murder of an abducted Policeman,in Bihar,by the Maoists,just before elections in October/November,points to Congress’ False Flag 2.The first one was Kandhamal,just before the 2009,Lok Sabha elections.This along with fraudulent EVMs shows an erosion of the values in the Indian Democratic Republic,with one party doing anything to hold on to power.A VERY DANGEROUS TREND!

7.The Indian Media continue to pamper the son of Antonia Maino,by giving him more exposure.

8.RBI may raise interest rates as per reports.

Sensex +212; 18081(2/8/2010)

Trouble in Telengana and Manipur.Read here
Credit default swaps may be allowed in corporate bonds soon
FDI in defence can have a lock in of 3 years.
Trucks in southern states to go off road from 2/8/2010.
E-trade in Gold bars,in NSEL,begins on August 2nd,2010.
Coal India IPO,likely, between October 18th and 21st 2010.
fii Rs Crores D/M/Y: +728;+728;+12963;DII -173,-173,+5709
bdi  1977; BELOW 200 DMA of 3119
gold 1182 $/Oz
silver 591 $/kg
Dr COPPER  3.3750 $/kg
us dollar index 80.92
Re v Dollar 45.81
crude  81.37 $/bbl   Gulf Of Mexico storm.
Reuters CRB Index   276.85
Sensex +212;      18081
VIX  :
india 17.99;-4.95;-5.02%
usa 22.01;-1.49;-6.34%