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Sensex -48; 17938

Trouble in Telengana and Manipur.
Orissa government’s approval to Posco project stopped by court.Read here.
Small savings rates may be linked to mkt.Read here.
UPA the poodle of USA wants to be the Super-regulator.Dictatorship,a la Indira gandhi? Read here.
RBI launches survey on foreign collaboration by India Inc.Read here.
Merkel heads to Russia with big sales to ink.Read here.
How Brokers Became Bookies: The Insidious Transformation of Markets Into Casinos.Read here.
fii Rs Crores +568,+4023;+7937;DII -331,-1488,+10716
bdi  1709;-81;-4.53% BELOW 200 DMA of 3168
gold 1208 $/Oz
silver 588 $/kg
us dollar index 83.34
Re v Dollar 46.70
crude  77.04 $/bbl
Reuters CRB Index   262.20(+0.29)
Sensex -48;      17938
india 20.07;+1.0;+5.02%
usa 24.89;+0.33;+1.34%

Sensex 181; 17834


Trouble in Telengana and Manipur.
Swiss Banking Rocked.Read here.
India being privatized and may become bankrupt soon.Expect SAIL, POSCO Pact in August.Read here.
fii Rs Crores 1104,+1668;+5582;DII +38,-213,+11992
bdi  1902;-38;-1.96% BELOW 200 DMA of 3168
gold 1211 $/Oz
silver 584 $/kg
us dollar index 84.00
Re v Dollar 46.66
crude  76.45 $/bbl
Reuters CRB Index   260.62(+1.11)
Sensex 181;      17834
india 20.21;-0.91;-4.31%
usa 24.93;-0.73;-2.84%



Sensex 180; 17651

Trouble in Telengana and Manipur.
Manipulation for making India LOSE her Sovereognty.Read here.
Selling India and her PSUs to the International Bankers,and thus transfer Public wealth to private hands.Read here.
SEBI wants retail investors to be paupers,by enticing them!Read here.
fii Rs Crores 957,+564;4478;DII -271,-251,+11954
bdi  1940;-78;-3.87% BELOW 200 DMA of 3170
gold 1198 $/Oz
silver 576 $/kg
us dollar index 83.78
Re v Dollar 46.85
crude  75.44 $/bbl
Reuters CRB Index   259.51(+1.27)
Sensex 180;      17651
india 21.12;-0.99;-4.48%
usa 25.71;-1.13;-4.21%

Sensex 143; 17471

Trouble in Telengana and Manipur.
Unelected,MM Singh under the iron grip of the Globalists.Fuel price deregulation.Read here.
US co bribed several Indian firms to bag lucrative contracts.Read here.
fii Rs Crores-49.24,-393;3521;DII +135,+19,+12224
bdi  2018;-109;-5.12% BELOW 200 DMA of 3171
gold 1203 $/Oz
Gold hits 6-week low on China news.Read here.
silver 581 $/kg
us dollar index 83.96
Re v Dollar 47.015
crude  74.88 $/bbl
Reuters CRB Index   258.24(+4.66)
Sensex 143;      17471
india 22.11;+1.21;+5.79%
usa 26.84;-2.81;-9.48%