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1.Ahmedinijad on the offensive against the USA in the UN.

2.US economy continues to be in a bad shape.EU is also in deep trouble.

3.As per the Russians,the tension between  North and South Korea is high and continues to increase.

4.Japan succumbs to Chinese threat,releases Chinese seaman.

5.USA builds many bases in Eastern Europe and this is viewed as a threat to Russia.


1.Stock markets may be bullish,due to the Coal India IPO,as the UPA will be interested in realizing a better price.

2.Govt intends to have interlocutors in place for talk in Kashmir.

3.Telengana and Manipur problems continue.

4.China has intruded in Arunachal Pradesh,last month, which MSM are not reporting.

5.Ayodhya verdict on 28th September.Read here

6.India,Canada and Blackberry continue negotiations,as  encryption,is the issue, and hence possibility of, terrorism.

7.India bungle CWG hosting.Widespread corruption observed.

Sensex -67 ; 18220(10/8/2010)

Trouble in Telengana and Manipur.
US Banking Reforms may take too long to be effective,as provisions are liberal to the Wall Street bankers.Read here
CWG organizers in scandal.Read here.
China to close down 2,000 energy-inefficient,factories.Read here.
fii Rs Crores D/M/Y: +600;+3884;+16118;DII -541,-1716,+4166
bdi  2212;+98;+4.64% BELOW 200 DMA of 3094
gold 1204 $/Oz
silver 588 $/kg
Dr COPPER  3.3050 $/kg
us dollar index 81.21
Re v Dollar 46.06
crude  79.29 $/bbl
Reuters CRB Index   272.29(-2.31)
PMI     55.5 for July,2010:dipped from 56.2;rate of growing slow;above 50 good for the economy.
Sensex    -67  ;      18220
VIX  :
india 17.33;+0.33;+1.94%
usa 22.37;+0.23;+1.04%