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Hot Sectors In Indian Stock Market As On 29/12/2012

The following are the THREE sectors that are HOT in the indian Stock Market,as on 29/12/2012.

1.Banking And Finance  [due t the BANKING banks to be provided license]

2.Infrastructure [Big spending in this area announced]

3.Oil And Gas [petroleum Fuel prices may be hiked]

In view of the following Graph,from  THIS link,and the Global recession, it will be better to Trade,short term.It should however be cautioned,  that India is only one step away from BANKRUPTCY,as the Fiscal deficit,CAD and BOP are in a bad shape.The proposed spending in Infrastructure will be on loans and PPP-based.PPP is NOT under the purview of both CAG and CVC.Hence corruption scandals are expected..

Investors, enter the Indian Stock Markets at Sensex P/E less than or equal to 13.

BSE-Sensex-over-the-past-two-decades-equitymaster 12202012

To be continued………

Weekly Trends up to 7/8/2010

1.Manipur,Kashmir and Telengana.Tribals and Naxals.

2.Floods,Malaria,Dengue and H1N1

3.CWG corruption and construction delays.

4.UPA trying Dictatorial methods,as it wants ITSELF to be the SUPER Regulator,instead of the deserving RBI.Most of the  policies are anti National harmful to India.A reluctance to give a free hand to RBI,by the UPA is noticed.

5.Fiscal Deficit kept deliberately high,as th UPA is still borrowing in spite of getting more than Rs 1 lakh Crores in the 3 G spectrum auction.It has additionally,requested the Parliament for more than, Rs 50000/= Crores.Divestment out of Oil &Gas,Banking,Mining sectors,among others is particularly, noticed.This is bankrupting the Nation.

6.Efforts for taking over of The Child,by the State,and encouragement for Social Adoption is noticed.

7.Poverty and lack of opportunities.

8.High inflation and food prices.

9.Stock Markets flat,with a negative bias.Commodities modest increase in prices.

10.Global Shipping is in dire “straits”!

11.Greece,Spain,the UK economy worrying.