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Weekly Trends up to 7/8/2010

1.Manipur,Kashmir and Telengana.Tribals and Naxals.

2.Floods,Malaria,Dengue and H1N1

3.CWG corruption and construction delays.

4.UPA trying Dictatorial methods,as it wants ITSELF to be the SUPER Regulator,instead of the deserving RBI.Most of the  policies are anti National harmful to India.A reluctance to give a free hand to RBI,by the UPA is noticed.

5.Fiscal Deficit kept deliberately high,as th UPA is still borrowing in spite of getting more than Rs 1 lakh Crores in the 3 G spectrum auction.It has additionally,requested the Parliament for more than, Rs 50000/= Crores.Divestment out of Oil &Gas,Banking,Mining sectors,among others is particularly, noticed.This is bankrupting the Nation.

6.Efforts for taking over of The Child,by the State,and encouragement for Social Adoption is noticed.

7.Poverty and lack of opportunities.

8.High inflation and food prices.

9.Stock Markets flat,with a negative bias.Commodities modest increase in prices.

10.Global Shipping is in dire “straits”!

11.Greece,Spain,the UK economy worrying.

Market Outlook.

The short term trend is up.

Greece,Thailand and Iran pose severe problems.

As the LEADIN INDICATOR,Baltic Dry Index,is below the 50 and 200 DMA,the markets may crumble.

Sensex +218;17932

FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-  233,1768,7371;DII:- -66,753,9184
BDI 2913;-9;-0.31%;BELOW, 200DMA of  3081 and 50DMA of 2957.Shipping and Ship-Building in severe trouble.Markets may crumble,as BDI is a leading indicator.
Dollar Index    80.90;  Re 15 paise up v Dollar  @44.15
Reuters’ CRB Index: 275.48
Gold   1161 $/Oz
Silver 591   $/Kg
Crude 84.96 $/bbl
Indian 18.44,-1.48,-7.43%
US      16.14;-0.34;-2.06%
Sensex 218;17932

Market Outlook.

1.BDI below 200DMA and touching 50DMA.

2.Dollar is WEAK but G20 is playing ball with US Wall Street Bankers and making monkeys of the World.

3.Greece,Iran and Afghanistan are anxiety areas.

4.RBI may be forced to hike rates, to counteract Inflation.

5. Steel,Cement etc are costly.

6.FII flows continue and DIIs are buyers.

6.Crude oil price higher.Read here.

Delicately poised,with a negative bias.