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Why QEs,Of The Developed Economies, Are BAD,Especially For India.

The so-called QEs and STIMULI,resorted to,by the developed economies’ Central banks,namely,the US Federal reserve,ECB,BoE,BoJ etc are bad for other nations and the Global Economy,as:-

1.They create asset bubbles.leading to high prices in C rude,Copper,Minerals etc,not to mention Gold,Silver etc too.This creates Inflation.And Inflation is BAD for the economy in general. It is bad for the common People,MORE!,as the cost of “living’ becomes a hell!!

2.QEs are subsidies to bankers and investment Houses.Coupled with low interest rates obtaining in the developed economies[very near Zero],the “CHEAP MONEY IN,CHEAP MONEY OUT” strategy,wrecks the economies and Currencies of the developing nations.Volatility in Currencies,is a very great threat to them,too. Subsidies are against WTO Rules.

3.QEs allow export s to be lucrative.This is UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICE,and hence is cheating as per WTO Rules.

4.In the case of indie,M M Singh is against Capital Controls,following the STILL UNSIGNED and SECRETLY BEING NEGOTIATED Trans pacific Partnership!

An excerpt from the link above,in item 4.

Given united opposition by the other TPP countries that has thwarted closure to date of several TPP chapters, has the U.S. relented in its insistence that the TPP forbid any signatory country from using capital controls, speculation, or transaction taxes and other common macro-prudential financial measures?”

5.The so-called “under-recoveries’ started to be MISUSED,by the OMCs[ a Con Game in which M M Singh is suspected to be involved,as he became PM in 2004,will be HIGHER due to HIGH Crude prices,which India imports in large quantities. hence the prices of the petroleum Fuels will be HIKED time and again.This will raise the Inflation,which will hamper economi growth.It is a whole vicious cycle.Another vicious cycle is the weakening against the US Dollar,due to petro-Dollar.Thus India will be caught in a perpetual WEAKENING of the Rupee. This will again adversely affect Indian Economy.

Many among the India Inc have huge FOREX Loans.hence again economic growth will be hampered.

The HIGH”under-recoveries” will RAISE India’s FISCAL DEFICIT.This is a very great danger

India;s leadership,under M M Singh is a puppet of the IMF and hence is against the nation itself with almost all policies being ANTI-INDIA!

Thus there is a very great danger that India may be BANKRUPTED by the IMF puppets.


WEEKLY TREND;22/7/2012


1.Pranab Mukherjea becomes President Of india.To be sworn in on 25/7/2012,at 11=30am.

2.Markets may be volatile.

3.SP,JD(S) and the Left write to M M Singh,not to usher in FDI in retail.

4,Floods in Andhra Pardesh.2 swept away on the night of 21/7/2012.

5.Investors are selling the shares of Cos of the Ambani Brothers.


1.Fukushima:- dangerous radiation and conditions hidden from the World at large,by the vested interests.

2.US and Eurozone economically weak.

3.LIBOR and other scandals on banks erode confidence in the Global Financial system.

The rich evade tax to the tune of $13 TRILLION!

4.Top Economist resigns from the IMF, saying he is ashamed of the Globalist International banker.

5.Russia and China veto,proposed UN sanctions on Syria.

6,Brent Crude is rising and is suspected to be manipulated by Speculators.

Weekly Trends


1.The USA and G20,make a  monkey of the layman.Geithner and Bernanke sing different tunes.US may not devalue the Dollar after all.

2.US and Western economies is in deep trouble.

3.China goes on a buying  spree, and even buys US Oil assets in Texas.

4.Near zero interest rates in the West and Japan is causing problems in emerging markets,by way of huge inflow,sometimes uncontrollable.

5.Strikes France and still Sarkozy goes ahead with the so-called,reform of increasing the retirement age.

6. 5 lakh jobs to be cut in UK.Unions threaten strikes similar to France.

7.Wikileaks comes out with more clips and messages.Julian Assange on the run and is being stalked.

8.US continues to arm Pakistan to the consternation of India,with another $2 Billion “aid”.

9.Bayer caught selling aids-infected drugs for decades.

10.In Haiti 195 die of Cholera.


1.Kashmir,Telengana and Manipur problems continue.

2.BJP trounces Congress party once again in Panchayat and remaining Municipal elections in Gujarat.

3.Elections in the State of Bihar are on.

4.India’s share on IMF increased and may be accommodated in the Board.

5.Maoists continue to, kill and the UPA looks on.

6.Action may taken against Geelani,Arundhati Roy and others in their anti-National gathering and speeches,in New Delhi.BJP criticices th UPA for allowing the meeting to take place at all.

7.Food prices continue to be high,but the UPA sells about 1 lakh tonnes of food grains to Bangla Desh.

8.There are no triggers and hence the markets may be flat even though the Nifty futures are at a premium.



1.US economy is in peril.The usual antidote to this is a war.Many expect a huge one,shortly.

2.China is trying to push Yuan as the World Currency,while the Globalists are trying to usurp power,by trying to have the notorious IMF,play the role of the Global Banker and have parity with nations of the G20.

3.Russia-Belarus relations deteriorate,with EU being the gainer.

4.Dollar collapses,allowing Commodities’ prices to rise.Dollar and other world currencies are expected to get devalued due to the expected use of the “printing press”,by all nations.

5.US Bankers,reportedly, suspected of arrogant mortgage frauds,forcing illegal foreclosures.

6.Toxic sludge leakage from a  factory in Hungary,results in some deaths,evacuation and environmental disaster.


1.India and Russia to sign contracts for  a huge arms deals, and combined production of Fifth Generation Fighters.

2.India seems to be succumbing to the US pressure as regards the Civil Nuclear Accident Liability Bill,as Obama’s visit to India is due in a short time.UPA politicians seem to be not having even a vague idea about Stuxnet.A similar attack in India,on her Nuke Plants in particular,by China or Pakistan or both together, or even by nonpolitical disgruntled elements like the Maoists, will prove catastrophic.

3.Gold and other Commodities prices are soaring,as the Festive season in India approaches.

4.The declaration of Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh,as disputed territories,by FAO,is a huge blow for India.

5.The CWG is on and India’s performance is unexpectedly strong.She is in the second position in Medals tally.

6.The markets may be flat on Monday,as there are no cues,expect the Coal India IPO.



1.Banks may collapse in Q1,2011.Read here

2.US economy is in a bad shape.

3.China has started asserting herself in International affairs,by following strong nationalistic polices,like the rail it is constructing to Iran,etc.

4.Afghan Taliban leaders claim victory over the USA and Nato.

5.Forced conversion of Minorities by abduction and rapes of girls,reported in Pakistan.


1.Problems in Kashmir,Telengana and Manipur.The Maoists are also proving to be a thorn in the flesh of the indecisive UPA.Kashmiri Pandits demand that all the stake-holders be consulted regarding any decision on Kashmir,as Hindus constitute 43 and the Sikhs and Buddhists 7% of the population in the State.It is worth noting that the Kashmiri Pandits have been driven out by Muslims many years ago,and are staying in tents in Delhi etc.Muslims have also destroyed many Hindu temples in Kashmir. Pakistan is instigating the Muslims in Kashmir,smarting under the loss of the erstwhile East Pakistan,in 1971  and China is fishing in the troubled waters.

2.Using the Manipur blockade as an excuse the UPA Govt has agreed with Bangla Desh,to connect Agartala with the latter,by Rail.Illegal immigration ,which is very high from Bangla Desh, is changing the Demography and Ethnicity of the region,resulting in religious riots.Read HERE about Deganga.Illegal immigration from Myanmar is also quite significant.The long term effect is the borders becoming irrelevant for the formation of the ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN Government of the Globalist Elites. It is to be remembered that MM Singh is suspected to be PLANTED,and controlled by the Rothschilds.He is a member of Club Of Rome and a former IMF employee,both Globalist bodies.

3.Yamuna river crosses the danger mark and parts of Delhi flooded.

4.Work on the Commonwealth Games seems to be going slow and huge corruption has been exposed by sting operatives.

5.MM Singh favours Industries to Agriculture.Read Here.

6.Markets may remain flat.

7.Dengue,H1N1 Flu,Cholera etc are reported.H1N1 is causing regular deaths.