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Sensex : +484 20687 ;13/10/2010

Trouble in Telengana,Kashmir and Manipur.

BJP gets shot in the arm: Court rules against Independent MLAs.Read here

RBI and the UPA differ on foreign inflows.Read here

RBI refuses to give optionally convertible papers FDI status,as recommended by DIPP. Read here

UPA rules out any amendments in civil nuclear law.Read here

UPA to infuse Rs 8700crores in PSU Banks.Read here

China 1 US Govt 0:Read here

10 reasons for buying Gold at the current price.Read here

U.S. Treasury to Devalue the Dollar?Read here

Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson to supply 3G gear to Vodafone India unit.Read here

FII:Rs Crores D/M/Y:+2103;+10740;+53848;   DII: -1354 ;-7818 ; -19380

bdi  2748;+29 ;+1.07%     BELOW 200 DMA  2876

gold 1372 $/Oz

silver 772 $/Kg

Dr COPPER  3.8081  $/Lb

us dollar index 77.07

Re v Dollar 44.34

crude  81.98 $/bbl

Reuters CRB Index   299.74

Nifty Futures discount/premium:- September 2010,41.10 points premium 13/10/2010 ;P/C 0.40; 12/10/2010PMI     55.5 for July,2010:dipped from 56.2;rate of growth slow;above 50 good for the economy.;India 57.25 from 57.6

Sensex   :    +484      20687

VIX(Fear Index) :-              india 20.51
usa 19.07;+.0.14;+0.74%


Sensex ; -68 20407 ;5/10/2010

Trouble in Telengana,Kashmir and Manipur.
Gold flares up on BoJ monetary curbs.Read here
Nations devaluing their currencies?Read here
UPA decides to sell 10% stake in SCI.Read here
Goldman sachs et al think the US economy will NOT have an adverse impact on the World.Read here
Musharaff admits that Pakistan trained underground terrorists,to fugh un Kashmir .Read here
UPA succumbs to the pressure of th International Bankers.To open up the Banking sector ostensibly for  rural benefits,but actually for the benefits of the International Bankers.Read here
fii Rs Crores D/M/Y:+671;+3760;+46871;   DII: -803 ;-2272 ; -13824  The DII monthly and yearly figures are CORRECTED ones.
bdi  2570;      BELOW 200 DMA  of 2887
gold 1341 $/Oz
silver 735 $/Kg
Dr COPPER  3.7053  $/Lb
us dollar index 77.80
Re v Dollar 44.46
crude  82.53 $/bbl
Reuters CRB Index   288.42;+4.43 (+1.56%)
Nifty Futures discount/premium:- September 2010,30.35 points premium 5/10/2010 ;P/C 0.48;  4/10/2010
PMI     55.5 for July,2010:dipped from 56.2;rate of growth slow;above 50 good for the economy.;India 57.25 from 57.6
Sensex   :-68      20407  minor correction done.
VIX(Fear Index) :-
india 22.17;-0.63;-2.76%
usa 21.76;-1.77;-7.52%

Weekly Trends up to 7/8/2010

1.Manipur,Kashmir and Telengana.Tribals and Naxals.

2.Floods,Malaria,Dengue and H1N1

3.CWG corruption and construction delays.

4.UPA trying Dictatorial methods,as it wants ITSELF to be the SUPER Regulator,instead of the deserving RBI.Most of the  policies are anti National harmful to India.A reluctance to give a free hand to RBI,by the UPA is noticed.

5.Fiscal Deficit kept deliberately high,as th UPA is still borrowing in spite of getting more than Rs 1 lakh Crores in the 3 G spectrum auction.It has additionally,requested the Parliament for more than, Rs 50000/= Crores.Divestment out of Oil &Gas,Banking,Mining sectors,among others is particularly, noticed.This is bankrupting the Nation.

6.Efforts for taking over of The Child,by the State,and encouragement for Social Adoption is noticed.

7.Poverty and lack of opportunities.

8.High inflation and food prices.

9.Stock Markets flat,with a negative bias.Commodities modest increase in prices.

10.Global Shipping is in dire “straits”!

11.Greece,Spain,the UK economy worrying.

Sensex +46; 17955

Trouble in Telengana and Manipur.
MNCs eye India’s Cement Cos.Read here.
Obama-Dodd-Frank FinReg Monstrosity Delays Derivatives Curbs until 2022!Read here.
fii Rs Crores +676,+5065;+8979;DII -282,-2359,+9846
bdi  1720;+20;+1.18% BELOW 200 DMA of 3157
Falling BDI may affect Global Economy adversely.Read here.
gold 1193 $/Oz
silver 574 $/kg
us dollar index 82.56
Re v Dollar 46.70
crude  75.81 $/bbl
Reuters CRB Index   262.22(-1.999)
Sensex +46;      17955
india 19.70;-0.48;-2.38%
usa 26.25;+1.11;+4.42%