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Weekly Trend;17/10/2010


1.The foreclosure fraud by the US banks show that the International bankers continue to be dihomest and this poses a great threat to the Global Economy in particular and the World in general.It is to be mentioned that the recent financial crisis was due to zero regulation and the dishonesty of the International bankers and their use of the fraudulent derivatives for manipulating the price of commodities , the Stock and currency markets.

2.US and Western economies is in deep trouble.

3.All the Nations may use the “prinitng press”.This will raise the price of commodities and inflation.

4.Near zero interst rates in the West and Japan is causing problems in emerging markets,by way of huge inflow,sometimes uncontrollable.


1.Kashmir,Telengana and Manipur problems continue.

2.Coal India IPO tomorrow.Indices may rise for the next three days.

3.The Karnataka incident involving the Governor shows that th Congress p-arty is dictatorial and slowly eroding th Constitution.

4.CIA’s hold on the UPA is absolute

5.China and Pakistan seen as threats and constant irritants.

6.Stuxnet affected 6000 Indian computers.No news regarding renedial measures if any.

7.Pre-open trade to commence from tomorrow,in both BSE and NSE.

8.RBI says it will control Foreign money inflow,while Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee,a known puppet of the USA says “No”.


This week the International and National trends are,quite surprising.


1.The US and European  economies are in a bad shape.

2.The Rift between the White House and the Pentagon,seems to be in the open after Mr Robert Gates,reportedly,said that the USA will NEVER leave Afghanistan.This has taken many by surprise.

3.The USA is considering a Bill to punish nations that undervalue their currencies,China?

4.Roma:EU warns France

5.Emergency declared in Ecuador,as Rafael Correa is rescued by the soldiers from a Police Hospital where the Ecuadorian President was kept hostage,as a protest,reportedly,encouraged by the USA,(against some of whose firms,Signor Correa seems to have taken strict action),against the austerity measures.

6.This year gold will be anywhere from $1,450 to $1,650/Oz,as per Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster.


1.The much awaited Ram Jamabhoomi verdict was announced and no violence was observed.The Sunni Muslim,WAQF Board,has said that it will approach the Supreme Court Of India.The Shia Community in UP wants the verdict to stand and is trying to persuade the Sunni WAQF Board to accept the verdict,and  has also made a magnanimous offer of  Rs 15 Lakhs for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya.

2.RIL crude production from its KGD6 basin reduced by 29%,due to LESS pressure.The price of this stock may fall on 4/10/2010.Since RIL is an index heavyweight,the Sensex and the Nifty may also be affected,adversely.

3.More than 3800 Engineers join the SBI,as clerks,when India’s economy is supposed to be flourishing.Speaks volumes about the unemployment situation, in India.

4.CIA Chief meets P Chidambaram who,like Kapil Sibal, had part of his education in the Harvard University,a reported,front of the CIA.

5.Sterlite Industries gets a reprieve as a stay  on the stoppage of its Copper plant in Tuticorin,has been ordered by the Higher Court,against a lower Court decision.

6.Government Of India unable to access Blackberry messenger encrypted codes,though RIM Canada, has allowed access reportedly.India and many other West Asian nations fear that this can be misused by the Terrorists.

7.CWG open today.



1.U S economy in a bad shape.

2.Russia sells latest anti-ship missiles to Syria.

3.China-Japan tension grows  over the arrest of Chinese  seaman.

4.EU questions Sarkozy,who is facing local problems like the misuse of counter-espionage agency etc.

5.EU makes a futile attempt to be recognized as a State in the UN.


1.Expecting the Dollar to decline against the Rupee,the FIIs are investing heavily in Indian equities,reducing their exposure to Depository Receipts.The Indian markets are expected to be very Bullish in the next 3 to 6 months.

2.Problems in Telengana,Manipur and Kashmir continue.Nagaland is getting a taste of its own medicine,as Assamese Students have set up a Blockade against the former for their being  mistreated by the Nagaland Police.It is to be mentioned that it is the “insurgents”, and NOT the Nagaland Govt which is responsible for the 135 day-old,Manipur blockade.

3.The Rama Janmabhoomi verdict is to be declared at 3.30 pm on 24.9.2010.On an adverse ruling both the parties are expected to go to the Supreme Court. It is worth mentioning that both the Hindus and Muslims were praying TOGETHER at this place till 1860,when, the British created a division among the two communities to “divide them and rule them”,over,around 1860,after the  combined Hindu Muslim Revolt against the British,in 1857 .

4.Floods and damages to crops,experienced in many parts of India due to excessive rains.

5.Cholera rampant in Odisha with 140 deaths,in Rayagada District.

6.H1N1 and Dengue also wreck havoc.

Sensex +338 ; 18560 (6/9/2010)

Trouble in Telengana and Manipur.
Banks to go on strike on September 7th.
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IOC 10% stake sakes on the cards.Shuts down Panipat Unit for 45 days for capex.Read here
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Health Minister worried over Indian Pharma sell off to MNCs.Read here.
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fii Rs Crores D/M/Y:;+947;+1671;+22965;DII +392;-319;-2130
bdi  2876; BELOW 200 DMA of 3025
gold 1247 $/Oz
silver 638 $/kg
Dr COPPER  3.4749 $/kg
us dollar index 82.33
Re v Dollar 46.23
crude  74.09 $/bbl
Reuters CRB Index   272.77(+1.62)
Nifty Futures discount/premium:- September 2010,1.25 points discount ; P/C 0.53,3/9/2010
PMI     55.5 for July,2010:dipped from 56.2;rate of growth slow;above 50 good for the economy.;India 57.25 from 57.6
Sensex   +338  ;      18560
VIX(Fear Index) :-
india 15.22;-0.64;-4.04%
usa 21.31

Sensex -150 ; 18070(11/8/2010)

Trouble in Telengana and Manipur.
MM Singh Govt admits rotting of food.Read here
EVMs may be fraudulent.Read here.
US Bill will affect India’s BPO Cos.Read here
Japan’s high Public Debt.Read here.
Both the USA and the UK probe Goldman Sachs.Read here
The US Federal reserve keeps rates steady.Read here and here.
Reagan destroyed US ecomomy.Read here
fii Rs Crores D/M/Y:,-86;+3798;+16032;DII +24,-1692,+4190
bdi  2378;+166;+7.50% BELOW 200 DMA of 3090
gold 1198 $/Oz
silver 576 $/kg
Dr COPPER  3.2504 $/kg
us dollar index 82.45
Re v Dollar 46.70
crude  77.43 $/bbl
Reuters CRB Index   268.83(-3.45)
PMI     55.5 for July,2010:dipped from 56.2;rate of growing slow;above 50 good for the economy.
Sensex    -150  ;      18070
VIX  :
india 18.11;+0.78;+4.50%
usa 25.39;+3.02;+13.50%

Sensex -67 ; 18220(10/8/2010)

Trouble in Telengana and Manipur.
US Banking Reforms may take too long to be effective,as provisions are liberal to the Wall Street bankers.Read here
CWG organizers in scandal.Read here.
China to close down 2,000 energy-inefficient,factories.Read here.
fii Rs Crores D/M/Y: +600;+3884;+16118;DII -541,-1716,+4166
bdi  2212;+98;+4.64% BELOW 200 DMA of 3094
gold 1204 $/Oz
silver 588 $/kg
Dr COPPER  3.3050 $/kg
us dollar index 81.21
Re v Dollar 46.06
crude  79.29 $/bbl
Reuters CRB Index   272.29(-2.31)
PMI     55.5 for July,2010:dipped from 56.2;rate of growing slow;above 50 good for the economy.
Sensex    -67  ;      18220
VIX  :
india 17.33;+0.33;+1.94%
usa 22.37;+0.23;+1.04%